Podstrona "Z21" w trakcie redagowania i tłumaczenia. Zapraszamy wkrótce.


Roco 10820: Kompletny zestaw sterowania cyfrowego. Centala cyfrowa Z21, router bezprzewodowy WLAN Plug&Play, zasilacz.

Najnowszy system sterowania cyfrowego. Sterowanie ekranem dotykowym własnego smartfona lub tablutu (Android v.2.3 lub nowszy, I-Pad od v.1.3). W zestawie znajduje sie centralka Z21, bezprzewodowy Router WLAN, zasilacz. Urządzenia są fabrycznie skonfigurowane i gotowe do pracy. Oprogramowanie (bezpłatne) do ściągnięcia z Andoid Market (Google Play) i Apple Store (i-Store).


Intuicyjna obsługa makiety dla początkujących i profesjonalistów, kontrola jazdy modeli oraz sterowanie urządzeniami z poziomu fotorealistycznych kabin różnych typów pojazdów - przy pomocy Twojego smartfonu lub PC tabletu.


Digitalzentrale Z21

Leistungsfähige Verwaltung auch großer Fahrzeugparks

Offene Multiprotokollzentrale für DCC- und Motorola©-Formate

Upgrade für bereits vorhandene Digital-Anlagen durch Abwärtskompatibilität, z.B. multiMAUS

Schalten von Weichen und Magnetartikeln

Automatische Lok-Anmeldung sowie -Rückmeldung z. B. der Ist-Geschwindigkeit und Weichenstellung via RailCom©

Decoder-Update-Möglichkeit für Software & Sound für ZIMO-Sound-Decoder

Plug & Play – Anschließen und loslegen!

Einfache Verbindung mit Smartphone durch vorkonfigurierten WLAN-Router


3 mal X-Bus

Hauptgleis für DCC und Motorola, 3A, rückmeldefähig

Separates Programmiergleis: für Programmieren, Decoder-Update, Soundprogramming, rückmeldefähig

Booster-Bus für Roco-Booster 10765

Roco-Rückmeldebus für Roco-Rückmeldemodul 10787

LAN-Bus, vorbereiteter CAN-Bus & LocoNet-Bus

Abmessung Z21: 207mm x 146mm x 37mm.
Abmessung Router: 174mm x 144mm x 30mm.



Zarządzaj swoją makietą w nowym wymiarze !


With the revolutionary Z21 model railway control system you can experience a maximum of driving fun and true to the original perfection. Operate your entire railway layout and all your trains and wagons with your smartphone and tablet PC. Now also with photorealistic driver’s cabs of the original locomotives.

As a world first you can experience the journeys through your model railway layout from the perspective of a real locomotive driver in the future. The built-in cameras in the locomotive transmit live pictures of your journeys to the driver’s cab on your tablet PC.

You will forget everything else! With a simple touch of the screen with your finger you can control all digital components: for speed, sound, signal functions of the locomotives – as well as the switch lines, motions and sound on the layout. In addition to that Z21 makes the creation and assignment of functions uniquely easy!

Ideal for beginners as well as to switch. Z21 is there for the digital layout operator. It is simple to switch because Z21 is compatible with MultiMAUS and Lokmaus 2 operation systems. For the beginners there is a z21 version for starter sets with limited connection and configuration capabilities. In both cases it means: Plug & Play.

The switch for digital layout operators made simple

The Z21 version for experts (black box) makes the switch to Z21 simple:

  • It  is completely compatible to previous systems with all multiMAUS models and to the Lokmaus 2 and features three standard multiMAUS ports. This way the whole family can play.
  • Your locomotives are automatically recognized and report their status over RailCom© to the Z21. That way you can take care of large vehicle fleets with a minimum of effort - and use current status reports in the operation apps.
  • Software and sound of the ZIMO sound decoders can be comfortably updated with the Z21 with your smartphone. This way your digital locomotives are always at the latest top level at all times.
  • The Z21 supports a multitude of standard interfaces and connection options - ideal if you want to continually enlarge your layout or want to add new functions to it.
  • The shipment contains: WLAN(WIFI) router, efficient power supply.

The z21 version for beginners (white box, little z at z21) has the same features as the Z21 for experts with only a few smaller connection and configuration limitations. Left out are LocoNet, CAN-Bus, the X-Bus port, the Sniffer-Bus, the programming end level and the programmable track port as well as the track current regulator.

Simply set up and get going with your smartphone or tablet PC - with a fascinating hobby and a truly unique new driving experience with z21.

The z21 starter sets are available at the e-shops of Fleischmann and Roco as well at the specialized dealers.